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When you volunteer, perform the tasks assigned to you to the best of your ability. That doesn't mean you have to be perfect, but you should always put your best foot forward when helping others.

There are other responsibilities volunteers have. Check them out here: loom.ly/dLJjpes

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Islands Hospice is dedicated to serving the community, their patients, and their families with a total commitment to excellence in Hospice care, regardless of ability to pay.

Volunteers are crucial to their mission. They respond to the needs of patients and families, support Islands Hospice staff (freeing them to focus on their areas of expertise) and work behind the scenes to help get the job done! Give the gift of your time and compassion with Islands Hospice.

Do you play an instrument? Bring the peace and joy of music to hospice patients! There are no requirements in terms of hours. You can stop by for half an hour in between your errands or longer if you want to. Islands Hospice will work around your schedule.

Piano available onsite. The location is in Kahului. Masks required at all times.


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Volunteers should feel their efforts have real purpose and contribute to your organization's mission. If you give them real purpose, they'll come back to volunteer again.
For more tips, visit: loom.ly/CufE90c

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