Malika Newport is a hero and an outstanding volunteer for the Maui Farm. They provide farm-based, family-centered programs that teach essential life skills for self-sufficient living. Their experiential “Activity is our therapy” approach is an effective strategy for teaching healthy attitudes and skills through hands-on learning in a safe neighborhood setting, where individuals and families are nurtured to develop their full potential.

Malika has made Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas dinners for the families, staff, and volunteers at The Maui Farm. She and her now-deceased husband, Bill, would come over on Thanksgiving with their entire car filled with amazing Moroccan prepared food. She and Bill would come back up and feed everyone another incredible meal for Christmas, often with her cheerful helper elves, entertainment, and gifts for everyone. She has done this with very little fanfare for many years.

Malika also cooks meals to feed the homeless every week — often twice per week during the pandemic. She cooks and delivers delicious, hot food because she knows in her heart that her food makes a difference in the lives of those she serves. Sometimes she’ll even go back with a bag of puppy chow or a warm sweater for someone in need.

She always says, “We have to help them because we can.” Malika Newport is a true Volunteer Hero who uses her culture, religion, values, and generosity to help people in need.