Now your agency can be featured on HandsOn Maui by submitting a guest blog post!

We know you’ve got great stories to tell about what volunteering means to you or your organization. Here’s your chance to share them with people who care about volunteer service as much as you do.

Ideal guest writers include, but are not limited to:

  • HandsOn Maui Agency Partners – this includes staff, board members and volunteers
  • People who regularly work with volunteers and are passionate about the future of volunteering
  • Staff, volunteers, clients and students at nonprofits and schools that work with HandsOn Maui

Guest Blog Post Guidelines

Content we are looking for:

  • Case studies or best practices around successful programs from HandsOn Maui Partner Agencies
  • Tips, tricks or tools around a specific volunteer related topic (ex. 5 ways to…)
  • Volunteer success stories from HandsOn Maui Partner Agencies
  • Personal experience pieces from community members that have worked with or benefited from a Maui County non-profit agency

Our Style

  • Fun, but professional – Our audience includes nonprofit professionals who are passionate about volunteering as well as community members and Maui visitors who wish to volunteer in the community. We want to keep things professional with a dash of humor. In short, something you would enjoy reading and be comfortable sending to your boss or grandma.
  • Easy to digest – We admit it, we prefer pieces that are easy to read and discuss. We are looking for a clear idea, short paragraphs and limited jargon.
  • Forward Thinking – We want to inspire ourselves and our readers to reflect on community non-profit successes today and challenge ourselves to be bigger, bolder, faster and stronger tomorrow.
  • Personal – We are looking for pieces in first person that speak from the heart.

The Nitty Gritty

  • Frequency – We publish up to one guest post per week and plan our posts at least two weeks in advance.
  • Length – We prefer posts 300 to 500 words in length.
  • Reposting – Our preference is to not repost materials straight from another site, but there are always exceptions.
  • Pictures – Please provide one or two pictures to accompany your blog post (if applicable).
  • Author Info – Guest posts must have a named author – a person or an organization. Please let us know how your byline should look (i.e. Tom Smith, Title, Organization).

Process to Submit a Blog Post

If you are interested in submitting a guest blog post please email Wendy Stebbins, Volunteer Center Coordinator. In your email include a brief description of your proposed blog post (your pitch) and a little bit about yourself (full name, phone number and Connection to HandsOn Maui). Feel free to reach out to Wendy if you have a nugget of an idea and need help fleshing it out.