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THE VOLUNTEER CENTER works with PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS to help connect volunteer interests with volunteer opportunities.  It is also a way to manage your volunteers, advertise your special events to the community, ask for in-kind needs, and advertise for employment.  Becoming a Partner Agency is a benefit of the County of Maui’s Department of Housing and Human Concerns Volunteer Center. 

What is GetConnected?

GetConnected is a free volunteer management software that allows our partner agencies post their needs and events, and attract and manage their volunteers – all on one easy, mobile-friendly platform.

Wendy Stebbins, Volunteer Center Coordinator states “After two years of administrating and managing the Get Connected program for the community, we have discovered what it takes to successfully recruit volunteers.  Trust us and follow the guidelines below for successful volunteer recruitment with “GetConnected”.  Short cuts will not help you recruit volunteers!


In good faith sign up with intentions to use the GetConnected Program as a regular volunteer recruitment tool.  Regular is defined as posting and/or updating volunteer opportunities at least every 90 days.  If you have ongoing volunteer opportunities that have not changed they must be updated in this three month period. Read below for exactly what to do:

Partner Agency Agrees to the following:

  • Create and maintain an Agency Profile with your logo and all pertinent information including a phone number & contact person volunteers may use to contact your organization. This information must be updated when the contact person changes at the organization.
    • Post photos on your Agency’s Profile page.
  • Complete short training videos that demonstrate how to create your agency profile page, post volunteer opportunities that elicit high responses, and collect volunteer hours with a dollar number attached to them. These statistics can be used in reports and fundraising efforts.
  • Respond to volunteer inquires within two business days.
  • Post regular & episodic volunteer opportunities which follow the training guidelines.
    • Provide a volunteer opportunity description which gives the potential volunteer enough information to respond to your need. Write a brief volunteer job description.
    • Use creative and “eye catching” volunteer position names to entice volunteers to read your opportunity.
    • Add your phone number to your volunteer opportunity in case people would like to call you. Your phone number is automatically on your Agency Profile Page but not your volunteer opportunity.
  • Regularly update your volunteer opportunities. Regular is defined as posting and/or updating volunteer opportunities at least every 90 days.  If you have ongoing volunteer opportunities that have not changed they must be updated in this three-month period.  Read why here.
  • Have your volunteers sign up via GetConnected for a simple way to track volunteer hours. Use these hours for your reports and your fundraising efforts.
  • If your organization has not logged in within three months, the Volunteer Center will contact you and explore the reasons why and how we can help you utilize the GetConnected program to your advantage.

These terms may be updated as needed by the County of Maui Volunteer Center.  We have the right to refuse any partner applications who don’t fit with our mission and guidelines.  We have the right to terminate a partner agency if they do not comply with our 90 day posting policy.  You will receive a warning email after 90 days of inactivity, and your account will be terminated after 120 days of inactivity.

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