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National Volunteer Week 2015

It’s April, and that means National Volunteer Week is almost here! For the last 40 years, this nationwide event has brought communities and organizations together to recognize and celebrate the achievements of the remarkable people who selflessly volunteer their time to make their community a better place.

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Crystal Smythe is more than a volunteer: She is the heart and soul of the Maui Historical Society / Hale Hō'ikeʻike at the Bailey House and ohana. For the past five years, Crystal has committed to the preservation and protection of the organization. Since she started volunteering, she has participated in many projects. To learn more about Crystal's projects, visit our blog post loom.ly/wbiZk6s #Nonprofit #NonprofitResources #Funding #HawaiiNonprofit #Hawaii #Volunteer #NationalVolunteerWeek #VolunteerHero ...
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Haku Baldwin Center nominates Loretta Spencer as a volunteer hero. In 2013, Loretta Spencer began volunteering in two of their programs — the Therapeutic Riding Program and the Horsemanship for Veterans Program. She has contributed over 650 hours of volunteer service helping youth with special needs and providing weekly lessons to veteran military service members. Learn more about Loretta's story on our blog post loom.ly/4gurNtY#Nonprofit #NonprofitResources #Funding #HawaiiNonprofit #Hawaii #Volunteer #NationalVolunteerWeek #VolunteerHero ...
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Maui Rescue Mission nominates Katie Zimmerman as a volunteer hero. Katie has gone to great lengths to provide resources that Maui Rescue Mission’s houseless guests need to change their lives. In doing so, she has brought significant success to the organization. Visit our blog post loom.ly/MI5aXdI to learn more about Katie's hard work! #Nonprofit #NonprofitResources #Funding #HawaiiNonprofit #Hawaii #Volunteer #NationalVolunteerWeek #VolunteerHero ...
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