Maui Youth Volunteering Part 2: Why your Child should volunteer

Now that summer break has started, children all around the island have more time to head to the beach, go camping and attend summer camps. But what about giving back to the community? Volunteering is a great activity for children and teens over the summer, and it can benefit them just as much as it benefits the community.


Benefits of Volunteering as a Youth

Age-appropriate volunteering is the perfect way to explore their talents and feel –often for the first time – that they are a part of something larger than themselves. Getting these younger children involved in the community through volunteering is a powerful way to teach them morals and empathy toward others.

Older children and teens benefit from volunteering as well. Recent studies show that children and teens who volunteer are more likely do better in school, avoid engaging in risky behavior, and even graduate from college.

The benefits of volunteering also apply to children who volunteer with their parents. Taking part in family volunteering opportunities is a great way for parents to spend time with their children doing something positive for their community.

The skills, experience and sense of fulfillment that children and teens develop from volunteering will benefit them in many ways. If you haven’t yet, consider enrolling your child in a volunteer activity this summer, and start a pattern of generosity and caring that could continue throughout his or her life.