Ready to recruit more volunteers but unsure how? Look no further! These 7 ways to build an amazing volunteer recruitment strategy are bound to help you get more (and better) volunteers.

1. Use volunteer testimonials

Reach out to your current volunteers and ask them what they love most about your agency. You can even encourage them by giving them a social media shout-out. Post their testimonial on social media to recruit more volunteers. You can also post your testimonials on your website for everyone to see.

2. Post statistics of how your agency helps the community

Potential volunteers may know how your agency helps the community. Give hard facts and statistics of your agency’s impact on the community. This shows volunteers exactly what you do and how much it does for others. Potential volunteers will also become inspired to help further your impact.

3. Promote the benefits of volunteering

Volunteering doesn’t only help the community. Volunteering is good for the mind and the body. Volunteering decreases stress and the risk of depression. Volunteers can also use volunteer hours on their resumes or for college credit.

4. Create a Q and A or FAQ for potential volunteers to see

Potential volunteers will have many questions about your agency. Give them as much information as possible. Do this by compiling a list of frequently asked questions and post them online. Volunteers will be happy to find answers to their questions. They will also be able to better decide if they are a good fit for your agency.

5. Create complete and detailed volunteer opportunities

Nothing makes an agency look better when it is ready to have new volunteers. Volunteers will appreciate opportunities that give them all the information they need. This helps them decide whether they can and want to volunteer. An agency that gives detailed information is one that is reliable. Through this, volunteers will see that!

6. Take advantage of social media

Post information about your agency and its opportunities. Look for potential volunteers through hashtags. Engage with users that could be potential volunteers, and answer their questions. Potential volunteers will feel special and will want to volunteer.

7. Take advantage of GetConnected

GetConnected may be the only way volunteers know how to find volunteer opportunities. Make sure your agency profile is complete and has relevant information. Use the platform to promote your detailed volunteer opportunities. You will also reach a bigger audience!