Optimize Needs & Events
to Maximize Volunteers

Learn how to maximize the volunteer needs & event features of the GetConnected Program on www.HandsOnMaui.com.

In August 2016, volunteer needs were viewed 2,065 times by website visitors.

We urge you to take a few minutes to update and refresh your volunteer needs or events on the HandsOn Maui website. Creating an inspiring, compelling and motivating volunteer need/event title & description will increase your chance of volunteers responding to your opportunity. Simply describe your passion, do the work and get results… Take action today!

Just like with your agency profile, agency needs and events must be complete to receive the full benefit of GetConnected 2.0.  Your agency’s needs and events contain important information volunteers need to know including:

  • Time & Address – Tell your volunteers when and where to show up
  • Description – Describe why this opportunity is a perfect fit for your ideal volunteer
  • Age Requirements – This can be important from a functional and legal perspective
  • Interests & Abilities – Your selections will help match this need with potential volunteers that may not know about your organization

Do you prefer written guidance?
If so, this tutorial on the steps to a complete agency needs and events is for you!