Maui Rescue Mission nominates Katie Zimmerman as a volunteer hero. Maui Rescue Mission is a mobile resource center for those in our community who are struggling with homelessness. They provide free laundry service, private hot showers, hygiene, first aid items, clothing, and connections to other resources such as food, shelter, medical insurance and medical appointments, detox and rehab, ID replacement, etc.

Katie has gone to great lengths to provide resources that Maui Rescue Mission’s houseless guests need to change their lives. In doing so, she has brought significant success to the organization. She is the embodiment of what is possible when someone takes the time and effort to help.

Katie is a smart and hard-working volunteer. She has grown to recognize and identify the different types of trauma that need a more patient and compassionate approach. Whether a person has suffered homelessness or another form of adversity, she knows exactly what to do. Because of her dedication and attentiveness, she can assist people in difficult situations who may otherwise fall through the cracks.

Katie’s approach to helping guests is very welcoming. She begins by creating an atmosphere of trust that draws more people to volunteer. Because of her work with Maui Rescue Mission, they have been able to help many more people than they would have without her exemplary service. Katie exemplifies the patience and compassion that all volunteers can strive to achieve. She is a true Volunteer Hero.