James and Melanie Padgett are true Volunteer Heroes at Organ Transplant Maui (OTM). OTM is an organization dedicated to helping individuals navigate the transplant process. In their mission, they also strive to promote organ and tissue donor awareness in the community.

As two of the founding members of OTM, James on their Board of Directors and Melanie as the community liaison, they have worked on various projects and have been with them from the start. From creating the OTM logo to managing their informative website, they also liaise with the Maui Kaiser Permanente Medical Center staff and doctors. As such, their contributions have made them two of the most respected and caring support group volunteers.

The Padgett’s have always provided hope and support to those in the daunting transplant process. At support group meetings, they have shared their experience with James’ liver transplant and how Melanie’s caregiving support held them together. Because of their positive outlook on living each day to the fullest, many people have found inspiration and comfort in their stories.

James and Melanie Padgett are the embodiment of Volunteer Heroes and two of the greatest assets at the organization. For their hard work, Organ Transplant Maui wishes to honor them with this wonderful recognition.