Having a volunteer recruitment plan is very important. Agencies can’t rely on volunteers deciding they want to volunteer to just get involved. Recruit more volunteers and benefit your agency. Having a solid recruitment plan in place is the key to the success of your agency.

A volunteer recruitment plan leads to more volunteers

It may sound simple. But having a volunteer recruitment plan leads to recruiting more volunteers. Your agency may have tons of volunteers and not need more. A volunteer recruitment plan is still necessary. You never know when something like a pandemic will hit, and your agency is out of volunteers. There may be times where your agency has little to no volunteers. Be ready for harder times with a good recruitment plan. You never when a volunteer may be unable to volunteer. Have someone ready to take their spot with a recruitment plan.

A better plan means less stress for your agency

Having a recruitment plan means your agency is ready for volunteers. This can lead to less stress when managing volunteers and trying to find more volunteers. A good volunteer recruitment plan should have a strong action plan with steps. Be prepared with information to give potential volunteers about your agency. Prepare a list of benefits of volunteering and promote them online. Post your volunteer opportunities online often to reach a broader audience. Having a good foundation in your plan will help you recruit volunteers easier.

Build more awareness of your agency

If your recruitment plan includes posting online, you are building awareness. Reaching out to potential volunteers will help them become more aware. Answer any common questions to promote a solid brand. If you rely on volunteers to come to you, you risk uninformed and unprepared volunteers. Recruit volunteers and show off your agency. You are building more awareness through different platforms. You are also able to reach a bigger audience!

Find better-matched volunteers

Having a recruitment plan can help you find better-matched volunteers. Broadcasting your needs helps find the volunteers that are right for your agency. Volunteers will be more informed about your agency and its needs with a recruitment plan. When recruiting more volunteers, you can also be pickier about which ones to accept. Better volunteer recruitment means better volunteers. It also means a bigger impact on the community!