Every agency that we work with provides a valuable service to the community and Maui Adult Day Care Centers is certainly no exception. Operating across the island, this organization provides valuable socialization, activity and nurturing care for the elderly, frail and other adults who are in need of extra support during the day.

Programs & Activities

From physical exercise to memory enhancement games, activities at Maui Adult Day Care Centers aim to provide valuable mental and physical stimulation. Patients here spend their days making music, socializing, watching old time movies, receiving animal therapy, and even going out on special excursions. In a short amount of time, many patients who would otherwise be spending their days alone at home find their “spark of life” rekindled.

Caregiver Support

The programs at Maui Adult Day Care Centers are not only beneficial to the patients who spend time there, they are also invaluable to those patients’ families and caregivers, who can enjoy some time and peace of mind, knowing that their loved one is having fun and receiving loving care. They also provide counseling, support and education to the client/patients’ families and caregivers. This valuable caregiver support – which is offered free of charge – is a part of this organization’s mission to provide a wholesome package of care that includes both patient and caregiver.

The therapeutic daytime programs offered at Maui Adult Day Care Centers can help families live a more balanced lifestyle, and even keep loved ones living at home for longer. It’s the perfect choice for individuals who need extra support, but who can still live at home.

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