You hear it all the time: people who want to help your organization, but who hesitate to take the plunge into volunteering. Recruiting and engaging volunteers is one of a volunteer leader’s biggest challenges, and it all comes down to building a supportive relationship. Whether you have a large organization or a very small one, try these three strategies to increase engagement:

Increase EngagementPhoto by Lukasz Porwol (@porwolluke)

Volunteer Engagement Tips

To encourage people to sign up and take that plunge into volunteering, make the process simple and easy. Take the time to put together an efficient application and vetting system, and respond to new inquiries as quickly as possible. The more effortless the process is; the more people will actually sign up.

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Another great way to increase engagement is to provide fun, one-time volunteer events. This lets people get to know your organization and try their hand at volunteering without any major commitment. At these events, provide a sign-up booth offering  information about other volunteer opportunities to encourage people to sign up. These events also a great opportunity to engage your current volunteers, who get the chance to show off the results of their hard work.

Volunteers are much more engaged when they feel supported and appreciated. Encourage your volunteers to offer feedback, and take the time to listen to their concerns. And always repay their work with gratitude in every way you can. By trying out these strategies, your organization can increase engagement with both short and long-term volunteers.