Jim & Edna DiFalcoEdna and Jim DiFalco are a love story in so many ways. Married for more than 70 years, the couple stands hand in hand as they volunteer to make bread to feed the hungry. Jim is now over 90 while Edna is in her late 80s, yet they continue to volunteer for Hale Kau Kau, an organization dedicated to “feeding with compassion and aloha.” Hale Kau Kau offers an unconditional hot meal to any one in need every night while delivering hot meals to the elderly, ill and disabled in South Maui. Jim and Edna have made more 50 loaves of bread, usually Portuguese sweet bread and rolls, at least four times per year, something they did even more frequently when they were younger. Dedicated to each other and their community, Jim and Edna work side by side to roll out the bread dough, make the shapes and watch over other volunteers to ensure that the bread is just perfect. Always a popular treat, the bread is sold and the profits go to Hale Kau Kau. This simple act of devotion is just one of the many ways that Jim and Edna have volunteered to make the feeding program so successful.