Thanks to Global Outreach of HandsOn Maui

Volunteers from across the globe can get their hands on volunteer opportunities thanks to HandsOn Maui.

Maui Farm VolunteersJoseba and Nathaniel, a couple visiting from Switzerland for two months and interested in giving back, discovered The Maui Farm and its volunteer opportunities through the site. During their visit in 2014, they volunteered at the farm twice a week, harvesting fruit, planting, weeding and watering the garden. While the couple had no previous experience with farming or gardening, they took part in The Maui Farm’s taro harvest and replanting and also enjoyed their first taste of luau and kalo at the farm. They even spent the holidays at the farm and participated in Thanksgiving and Christmas, The Maui Farm style.

“Our son loved playing with the other kids, feeding the bunnies and the baby goats.  We immediately grew into their Ohana, and with every hour we spent at the farm, we learned more about gardening and the culture,” Joseba said. Doing volunteer work at The Maui Farm was a small but wonderful way to support a great organization.” 

The family has returned this year to the farm with a new volunteer in tow — their second son, baby Ron. Maui Farm volunteers

Dedicated to empowering families and cultivating lives, The Maui Farm is a community-based nonprofit providing farm-based, family-centered programs that teach essential life skills for self-sufficient living. The Maui Farm will also honor local volunteer Lori Feiteira with its Volunteer Hero Award.

If you are interested in volunteering while on vacation and learning about a new culture, learn more here.