Today’s volunteers are driven by their passion for different causes, and the need to make a difference in their community. Inspire volunteers to join your organization by “telling your story,” or showing its positive impact. Try some of the tips below to weave your organization’s impact into volunteer recruitment and retention:

Telling Your Story

Make your cause and mission clear. Before people volunteer, they want to know how their efforts benefit the “greater good.” Make your mission statement clear, and when talking to potential volunteers, highlight the importance of what your organization does – and how volunteers help.

Don’t just ask for help when recruiting volunteers. Approach them as though you are offering an opportunity to get involved with something important. Explain how their desire to improve the lives of the elderly, feed the hungry, protect marine life, or any other cause, can be fulfilled by volunteering with your organization.

Don’t just tell your organization’s story, show its impact. Give a tour of your facilities, and provide statistics and testimonials. Turn your organization’s mission from an abstract concept into something tangible. If people can actually see how volunteering with you can help, they’ll be much more interested.

If people can actually see how volunteering with you helps, they’ll be much more interested. Click To Tweet

Keep it up! Don’t save “telling your story” just for volunteer recruitment and orientation. Send out a weekly newsletter, email or blog post to your volunteers, thanking them for their help, and showing the impact that their efforts made. If you run an animal shelter, for example, send a newsletter that includes the pets adopted out that week, and any special new arrivals that need volunteer help. By showing the impact your organization makes, your volunteers will feel more engaged, and more likely to volunteer in the future.