With a majority made up of the tech-savvy Gen X-ers and Millennials, the new generation of volunteers are often best reached through social media. Creating a following on social media can be daunting, and many nonprofits struggle with turning their mission into social media-friendly soundbites that reach and appeal to potential volunteers.  Fortunately, social media giant Facebook just released Facebook for Nonprofits, a new support website that has some handy resources, just for nonprofits.

Facebook for Nonprofits

Whether you already have an established Facebook page, or just want to get started, you ‘ll find the two newer features listed below very helpful:

Walkthroughs to create and enhance your page. Facebook’s new website for nonprofits lays out all the tools, strategies and best-practices to help your organization’s page reach its full potential. Its setup tutorial is easy to use for those unfamiliar with the platform, and offers tips on reaching more followers, setting up a fundraising campaign, and taking advantage of Facebook Insights to reach a wider audience. The new website also features success stories including a breakdown of what worked well for them and why.

Call to action button. Located on your Facebook page banner, the call to action button makes it easy for users to click through to view your organization’s website, sign a pledge, and even make a donation. A similar call to action button can also be set up at the end of any video you upload to Facebook (A short video promoting an event, for example, can have a button that takes users to the signup form on your website).

Tip: Use Facebook's call to action button to encourage #volunteer signups. #VolunteerMaui Click To Tweet

Facebook can seem intimidating, or even a waste of time, but thanks to this platform’s recent nonprofit outreach efforts, it’s easier than ever to use Facebook for nonprofits and get started on using social media to advance your mission.