You can design the perfect volunteer opportunity, but if you don’t spread the word about it, the volunteers simply won’t come. Check out some of our tips below for ideas to spread awareness:

Spread the Word

Enlist the help of current volunteers. Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Just imagine, if each of your current volunteers recruited two more volunteers, your organization could grow exponentially! This tactic is simple, but it is often one of the most effective strategies for spreading the word about an agency and its volunteering opportunities.

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Build relationships with the community. From local churches to professional groups, community gatherings offer a great opportunity to help an organization reach more people. Think about your organization’s mission and reach out to local clubs, churches and other groups that would be interested.

Use social media. Members of all generations and age groups use social media, but if you are interested in reaching out to a younger audience, using social media will be more important. Creating an account is free — consider popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Reach out to newspapers. If you want to get the word out quickly about an upcoming opportunity, local newspapers can be a great resource. Most publications have community announcements and paid advertisements available, and many reporters will be happy to feature an organization that supports the community.

Respond quickly. Once people start inquiring about your organization and its volunteer opportunities, get back to them right away – ideally, within 24 hours. This will help get new volunteers in the door before their interest has a chance to fade.

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