Skills-based volunteering for college students isn’t just about community service, it’s also about networking and getting real-world experience. Think of volunteering as an unpaid internship that also makes the world a better place.

Skills-Based VolunteeringPhoto by GotCredit

Benefits of Volunteering for College Students

Professional contacts. If you volunteer in an industry related to your career path, you have the chance to network with experienced professionals. These contacts may lead to a valuable recommendation, or even a job opportunity down the road.

Real-world experience. The most frustrating thing for many college graduates is the lack of entry-level jobs available. Most job openings require at least one year of experience in the field. Get the upper-hand in your job search through skills-based volunteering, and enter the paid work force with a little experience under your belt.

A stand-out resume. Competition for entry-level jobs by recent college graduates can be so fierce, it’s difficult to stand out. Make your resume shine with skills-based volunteering. It will show employers that you care for your community and have a strong work ethic. If you had any leadership roles or worked on a team while volunteering, your resume will stand out even more.

Scholarships. Many organizations offer scholarships for college students who volunteer. Community service scholarships aren’t just awarded to incoming freshmen; many are offered to students in their junior and senior years.

For many busy college students, community service isn’t at the top of their priority list. However, if you choose skills-based volunteering, you’ll find that it not only benefits your community, it benefits you too.

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