Baby Boomers, the generation born between 1946 and 1964, have enjoyed unprecedented levels of education, longevity and success as a whole. Now, members of this generation are beginning to retire, but what will Boomers do with their newfound free time? There are some very good reasons why Baby Boomers should volunteer. By giving the gift of their time and resources, this generation can make a profound impact on their communities – and do some good for themselves, too.

Baby Boomer Volunteers

Photo by Sarah Mirk

Benefits of Volunteering

Here are three good reasons why Baby Boomers should volunteer:

Improved well-being

Studies show that people who experience a big shift in their schedule, such as grown children moving out and retirement, often face loneliness, boredom and even depression. Fortunately, volunteering is the perfect remedy! Volunteering is linked to lower levels of depression and a greater sense of happiness.

Improved health

As Baby Boomers age, health becomes a greater concern. Consider volunteering as part of a healthy lifestyle! In fact, research shows that volunteering consistently can prolong a person’s life by 5 years on average (source: Corporation for National & Community Service).

Improved sense of community

As they start to enter retirement, Baby Boomers can finally enjoy more freedom. And what better way to spend some of that free time making their community a better place? By getting involved in a local organization, volunteers feel more connected with their neighbors, and enjoy the satisfaction of helping make the world a better place.

The amazing Baby Boomer generation has so much experience and skills to offer, and local communities would greatly benefit from what they have to give.

Want to do good for yourself and others? Get started volunteering today!