In a world where everyone is focused on maximizing profits, why would anyone want to work for free? Well, lots of people do. Why? They have found there are many personal benefits of volunteering. Understanding these benefits will help you to recruit great volunteers. As a recruiter, you can provide great volunteer opportunities. Let’s talk about how to do that.

How to Create Volunteer Opportunities that Motivate Volunteers

1) Networking

As a volunteer recruiter, you will meet many people who are wanting to change jobs. Volunteering is a good way to explore career opportunities.

People often find time to volunteer when they lose their job. After a job loss, the volunteer will be looking for new friends and a new direction. As a non-profit, you can foster a network of people in a similar stage of life who can help each other.

Volunteers may be able to help each other by providing job references. They also will be able to discuss ideas about new career options. Volunteers may be able to share ways to save money on groceries, living expenses, and housing. This information helps keep people safe and healthy during a job transition.

Younger volunteers and older volunteers will be able to help each other. Strengthening your network will strengthen your organization now and in the future.

2) Training

You already know that good training is good for your organization. But good training is also good for your volunteers in other ways. Training provides your people with new job skills and life skills. These new skills will give them confidence and prepare them for new opportunities.

Volunteers who find new jobs with the skills they learn from your organization will be loyal. They will recommend your organization for donations when they have a chance. They will encourage their new co-workers to volunteer and donate. Training good volunteers now is an investment in their future and yours.

3) Community

Volunteer work helps people feel connected. Volunteering connects them to other volunteers and to the community they live in. It gives a sense of purpose. Volunteers form lasting friendships. These friendships will motivate them to continue volunteering and helping in your community.