Volunteers and the organizations that they support can really benefit from some networking and professional development every now and then. That’s where Hawaii’s Network of Volunteer Leaders (NOVL) comes in. This professional organization is made up of a dedicated network of volunteers, managers and leaders who work together to help nonprofits organize and maintain volunteer work more effectively, and help volunteers get the most out of their experience.

Network of Volunteer Leaders

Since its start in 1987, Hawaii’s NOVL has supported hundreds of organization and volunteer members in their mission to make Hawaii a better place. Its mission: to “work towards achieving our collective vision of an active and caring community in which volunteerism and volunteer leadership are a vital and integral part of sustaining and contributing to Hawaii’s heritage.”

NOVL Membership Benefits

This group offers valuable information and opportunities to its members throughout the year. Some of the benefits of membership in the Network of Volunteer Leaders include:

  • Opportunities to network with other volunteers and organizations
  • Valuable news and information on the volunteer and nonprofit industry
  • Professional development events and seminars
  • Reduced fees for designated training events throughout the year
  • Exclusive job opportunity notifications
  • Quarterly membership publication

NOVL Membership Application

Anyone who supports volunteerism in Hawaii, including managers and leaders of volunteer programs and organizations, are welcome to join NOVL. Membership requires only a small fee, and is renewed annually at the start of the calendar year. To join the Hawaii NOVL, simply visit the NOVL membership page and fill out an application.  If you are a Maui resident your fee supports Maui events.