In order to recruit and maintain a diverse group of volunteers, non-profits should consider attracting volunteers of all ages, including those who are now in their 30s-40s, aka “generation xers.”

Fact: Gen Xers are more likely than both Baby Boomers and Millennials to volunteer.

Born between 1965 and 1981, generation x is often forgotten; however, according to a recent Volunteering in America report, this is the generation most likely to volunteer.

Marketing to Gen X

What Non-Profits should know about Marketing to Gen Xers

Below are a couple things to keep in mind when recruiting and retaining gen x volunteers:

Gen X is the most dedicated to volunteering, but has the smallest population.

Generation x may boast the largest percentage of volunteers, but this population is dwarfed by baby boomers and millennials, which both are significantly larger generations.

What agencies can do: Resist the temptation to focus all your efforts on recruiting and marketing to gen xers. Have some family-friendly volunteer opportunities available so that gen xers can bring their children.

Gen X is currently the most employed generation.

While baby boomers begin to retire and millennials still struggle with underemployment, gen xers are the most stable generation, and while this means they spend the most time working, it also means they feel very connected to their communities and want to give back.

What agencies can do: A large percentage of volunteerism comes from corporations and businesses, especially for gen xers. Consider getting in touch with a few businesses in your community and see if they have (or would like to have) a corporate volunteer program.

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