Non-profit organizations should consider attracting volunteers of all ages in order to have a diverse and skilled group of volunteers. This includes marketing to baby boomers: folks who were born in the decades following World War II, and who are now in their 50s and 60s.

According to a recent US Bureau of Labor Statistics volunteer report, baby boomers are volunteering slightly less than they have in previous years; however, this generation still makes up the largest percentage of volunteers.

Marketing to Baby Boomers

What Non-Profits should know about Baby Boomers

Below are a couple things to keep in mind when recruiting and retaining baby boomer volunteers:

Baby boomers have the most freedom to volunteer.

Baby boomers are now reaching retirement age, although many of them will continue to work for another decade or more. Many boomers have grown children and grandchildren, and care about the legacy that they leave behind.

What agencies can do:

Don’t assume that retiring boomers are looking to slow down. Instead, reach out to recent retirees in your local community — they could become your most dedicated volunteers.

Baby boomer are more tech-savvy than you may expect.

While the younger gen xers and especially millennials are known for their skill with tech gadgets and social media, plenty of baby boomers are just as tech savvy and present online. Remember, this is the generation that invented the internet!

What agencies can do: Diversity your outreach methods when marketing to baby boomers, including reaching out on social media.

Photo by quinn.anya