Whether you are a recent graduate, exploring new careers or are currently unemployed, volunteering for career development is a great strategy to increase your chances of getting hired.

Job Hunting

According to recent research published by the Corporation for National Community Service, volunteering for career development is a strategy that can increase your chances of getting hired by:

  • 27% if you are currently out of work
  • 55% if you live in a rural area
  • 51% if you don’t have a high school diploma

Polish Skills and Gain Real-World Experience

College graduates are often frustrated at the lack of job opportunities in their field. Most jobs require at least a year of experience or more, and the application process can be very competitive. Volunteer your skills in a related field, and gain that valuable real-world experience.

Learn New Skills

From public speaking to animal husbandry, learning new skills is a great reason to volunteer your time. Not only will this let you learn something new without paying for classes, it will also give you more skills to add to your resume.

Make Key Professional Contacts

Hiring experts agree: getting a great job often comes down to knowing the right people. Volunteer your time, either as an intern, a docent or any other related position, and start meeting real-world professionals in your field. You gain great experience, and you get a chance to prove your skills as well.

Polish Resume

To a hiring manager, resumes can all look the same, boasting the same skills and experience. Make yours stand out by featuring a section on your volunteer activities.

Want to get started on boosting your career? Volunteering for career development is easier than ever. Sign up with the County of Maui Volunteer Center to find the perfect volunteer position for you. It even has a resume building tool!


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