There are tons of reasons to volunteer your time, whether you’re a high school student, graduating college, raising a family or planning retirement. Fortunately, there are dozens of local nonprofit organizations and countless volunteer opportunities available throughout the year. The issue is finding the perfect volunteer opportunity that fits your needs and interests.

Perfect Volunteer Opportunity

Getting Started

Before looking through local volunteer opportunities, identify your own needs and desires, starting with the question, “Why do I want to volunteer?” Perhaps you want to inspire your kids, or want to learn a new skill set, or even want to buff up your resume. Identify the issues that are most important to you, and how much time you can dedicate to volunteering. By knowing exactly where you stand, you can take full advantage of the tools available to match you with the perfect volunteer opportunity.

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Online Tools

There is no longer any need to browse the paper classifieds or peruse community bulletins to find volunteer events and opportunities. Finding volunteer work now is easier than ever, thanks to national and local organizations like HandsOn Maui, and their online tools and databases. HandsOn Maui’s Get Connected platform, for example, can match you with locally targeted volunteer opportunities, doing all the searching for you. Simply sign up with your Facebook or email, select where you live and causes that interest you the most, and Get Connected will match you with volunteer events and openings in your area.

Many causes and organizations on Maui need your help, and tools like Get Connected are a fantastic way to find one that perfectly matches your schedule, lifestyle and passion. Sign up for Get Connected, and get started today.

Photo by geralt (Pixabay)