Islands Hospice has just opened their new Kahului Hospice Home this summer on Maui. It is the first inpatient hospice facility on the island where it will provide a much needed service to the community, and help Islands Hospice to fulfill their mission to serve terminally ill patients and their families.

About Islands Hospice

Hospice Home MauiFounded on Oahu in 2009, Islands Hospice is a Medicare-certified private, nonprofit agency that provides hospice care for residents on Oahu and Maui. Although just over six years old, it is already the largest hospice care provider in the state. In 2014, Islands Hospice began serving Maui residents by offering care in their homes or assisted living facilities. Now less than a year later, the organization is proud to unveil the Kahului Hospice Home.

About Kahului Hospice Home

Islands Hospice Home, KahuluiThe Kahului Hospice Home accommodates seven patients, and features an outdoor meditation garden, a dining room, and large communal family and living rooms. Each patient gets his or her own private room, which are spacious enough to allow family members to comfortably stay overnight.

Last month, Islands Hospice held an Open House Event for the new facility. Over 200 guests attended, including mayor Alan Arakawa, and representatives of hospitals and clinics from around the island. The event was all about thanking the community for their support, and to educate attendees about the benefits of good hospice care.

Hospice is a truly invaluable service that provides a holistic approach to end-of-life care to terminally ill patients and support for their loved ones. Besides covering basic medical needs, hospice providers such as Islands Hospice offer individualized spiritual, physical and emotional care that allows patients to live out their lives peacefully.


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