Volunteers are the backbone of non-profit organizations. It’s important to make sure they feel appreciated. You don’t need to roll out the red carpet to make your volunteers feel great. Keep reading for 25 low-cost volunteer appreciation ideas.

1) Handwritten cards

This is the number one way to show your thanks. Handwritten notes are a lost art, so it means a lot to receive one. Pick out an attractive card (or make your own) and write a meaningful note to each of your volunteers.

2) Potted plants

Potted plants are the gift that keeps on giving. Find a plant that does well indoors. Make sure to get a nice pot. You can personalize the pot, or just leave it so your volunteers can use it as an office or home decoration.

3) Framed photo or certificate

Frame a certificate of appreciation with a great photo of your volunteer. This is something they can be proud to hang up at their home or office.

4) Movie night

Everyone loves a movie night! Depending on your budget, you can go big or small when it comes to movies. You can rent out a theater at your local cinema, or show a movie at your office building. Just ask your volunteers to bring a comfy chair!

5) Cookout

Host a cookout for your volunteers at a local park. Instead of taking everyone out to eat at a restaurant, a cookout is a cheaper alternative. Plus, volunteers can play games and enjoy the weather together.

6) Social media volunteer appreciation post

Make a volunteer spotlight post on social media. Include a good picture and detail how the volunteer helps your organization. Public appreciation on social media is free and the volunteer can share it with friends.

Here are some more great appreciation ideas:

7) Gift card

8) Personalized mug with treats

9) Potluck dinner

10) Branded t-shirt

11) Photo album

12) Compliment chalkboard wall

13) Designated parking spots

14) Thank you box

15) Night out for parents

16) Jar of local honey

17) Tote bag

18) Potted thyme plant

19) Reusable water bottle

20) Set of permanent markers

21) Candles

22) Cupcakes

23) Gift-in-a-jar

24) Favorite candy

25) Cookies