The GetConnected platform on HandsOn Maui is a great way to promote your agency and its needs. There are many benefits of having an agency profile on GetConnected. Managing volunteers on the platform might seem confusing or difficult but they’re worth trying. Here are three key volunteer management strategies to implement for the best results.

1. Take advantage of the volunteer scheduling feature

GetConnected has a schedule section for agency managers. This feature organizes volunteers into shifts they applied for. Managers can see the number of filled spots. They can also see what volunteers have responded to and more.

Volunteers can see where they’re needed and when through the schedule feature. Volunteers are then grouped by their shifts, which makes it much easier to manage them online. Perform edits to needs and volunteer responses with the volunteer scheduling tool. You can easily assign volunteers to a shift. Then you’ll know you’re ready for them to volunteer!

2. Check your needs and volunteer responses often

This may seem obvious but checking needs and responses is often overlooked when your agency gets busy. GetConnected can be the primary way your volunteers interact with your agency. Make sure you are checking your needs and volunteer responses every day. Managing a few volunteers a day is much easier than managing too many from not checking.

Go on the platform every day. Doing so gives you time to make any changes or updates. And you’ll get more comfortable with it through more use. Volunteers will appreciate your fast response time. This shows that your agency is active and reliable.

3. Use the Check-in Kiosk for in-person volunteer management

GetConnected has another great feature – the Volunteer Check-in Kiosk. Use this feature for in-person volunteer opportunities. Volunteers can check-in and check out while they are volunteering. They can do this through their personal device or one you provide for them. This allows you to keep track of people while they are volunteering, and after they’ve finished. You can see who checked in, and who did not.
You’ll even see no-shows, or if volunteers are late.

Having an easy check-in system will make your agency look good to volunteers. The GetConnected check-in kiosk makes the process official and timely for your volunteers. Plus you’ll spend less time figuring out who is present, and who is not. Managing your volunteers has never been easier with GetConnected. Start using these volunteer management strategies today!