The County of Maui Volunteer Center has partnered with over 80 non-profits, schools, health care organizations and government entities to bring you the latest volunteer needs in Maui. Our HandsOn Maui dashboard is designed to connect Maui residents and visitors with the groups who need our help. 

So, how do you find current volunteer opportunities in Maui? We’ll give you the quick and easy steps here.

Start by Registering as a Volunteer

Registering as a volunteer is easy and can be completed in 2 minutes or less. Just visit the HandsOn Maui dashboard from your phone or computer and click on the green “Sign Up” button in the menu at the top of the page to get started. 

Here are the simple steps to registering as a volunteer:

  1. Create an account:
  2. Select Causes
  3. Select Interests 
  4. Become an Agency Fan
  5. Congrats! You’re signed up! 

If you’re not registered as a volunteer yet, please take a moment to do it right now… we’ll wait. 


Search Current Volunteer Needs

We’re always evolving in the way we connect and communicate with others, and thanks to the HandsOn Maui dashboard we don’t have to rely on coconut wireless to help those in need. 

Using the search function on the volunteer needs page will make it quick and easy to find the best volunteer opportunities for your unique set of skills, availability, and interests. 

TIP: If you’re on a mobile device, the search options are located under “Tools”. 

Searching by Phrase

You can type in any search phrase in this box to search for those words in an agency listing. These listings are created by the volunteer managers at each organization. The most recent listings will show at the top of the search results. 

Filtering Search Results

The filters will help you quickly find volunteer needs by age requirement, agency, date, and accessibility. You can also use this filter to find volunteer opportunities that are family friendly, outdoors, or good for team building. 

Last we looked, there were over

Filtering by Interest

The volunteer needs page includes an option to search the results by 16 interest categories including animals, clerical, education, senior citizens, technology, youth/family and more.

There is even an in-kind” donations needed interest. This is a fantastic way to help you choose a worthy non-profit in Maui for financial and in-kind donations.  

Go Volunteer Maui!

We hope this blog was informative and empowering as you explore the latest volunteer opportunities in Maui. We love bringing good people and causes together by connecting volunteers with non-profits who need help. There’s a perfect fit for everyone. What are you waiting for? Browse through now and start your HandsOn Maui Volunteer journey today!