Advertise if you are providing protective materials to your volunteers

This can be masks, gloves, sanitization tools, and any other precautionary items. Add this information to your volunteer opportunities and your website. Volunteers will be happy to know if they need to bring their own items to be safe. Show that you have safety materials. It shows that you care about your volunteers. It also shows that your agency is ready to accept volunteers. To see the newest information about COVID-19 protocols and volunteering, visit HANO.

Create virtual opportunities that volunteers can do from home

If possible, create a virtual volunteer opportunity that volunteers can do from home. Many volunteers may not feel comfortable with going back to business as usual. Create a virtual need to allow these volunteers to be able to get involved and feel comfortable. You can adjust current needs, or create completely new ones.

Tip if your group can’t create a virtual need: Reach out to volunteers about any safety precautions you have. This may ease any uncertainties they have. It will also help them feel better about in-person volunteering.

Find COVID-19 related volunteer roles

Many people are struggling due to the pandemic. Depending on your agency, find a role for volunteers to help with the effects of COVID-19. Volunteers will feel satisfied with helping the community in a time of crisis. This will also allow your agency to make a bigger impact on those affected by the pandemic. Your agency may be already fighting the impacts of COVID-19, so make sure volunteers know that. Volunteers will be able to link their efforts directly to the community. This will inspire them to volunteer with your agency.

Create a volunteer resource plan to ensure safety

Use a template to create your plan. This plan will help with organizing your volunteer roles. It will also allow you to plan where you need volunteers and how you can safely distance them. Add in your volunteer goals and the skills you need for your opportunities. You will be able to use this plan to distribute your volunteers well and ensure volunteer safety. Emphasize that you have a plan when recruiting volunteers. They will feel comfortable and safe knowing that you thought ahead and are ready for them.