National Volunteer Week 2021 is approaching, which means it’s time to recognize your volunteers! Show them you care about them and their hard work with these unique ideas. They’ll feel special and ready to continue to work with your agency.

1. Create a volunteer of the day, if possible

Show your volunteers you value their time and work, and pick a volunteer to tell that to. It can be a volunteer that has gone above and beyond. It can also be a volunteer that has put in the most time or effort. At the end of each day or shift, pick your “Volunteer of the Day.” You can send them a personalized email, create a social media post or tell them in-person. Highlight their special skills and why you picked them that day. This will also motivate them to continue to work hard and volunteer more. Each day means a new day of recognition!

2. Give your volunteers a small, personalized gift

Who doesn’t love gifts? Give your volunteers a small and personalized gift to recognize them. The gift can be as small as a personalized thank you card, or a framed photo of them volunteering. Write about their skills and what you appreciate about them. Mention their impact on the community and how many hours they have put in over the past year, if possible. You will feel happy to give a gift, and they will feel happy to receive the gift. It can be an end of National Volunteer Week celebration gift or something to kick it off.

3. Send an appreciation email

Send an appreciation email to your volunteers. This is a quick and easy way to appreciate them and recognize them as a whole. The email can include volunteers at work and how much they have helped the community. Emphasize their skills altogether and how special they are to your agency. Volunteers will finish reading the email knowing others noticed the work they put in.

4. Host a pandemic-safe celebration

Make National Volunteer Week 2021 fun with a celebration. This can be a social distanced or virtual event. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or over the top, but a way to mingle with volunteers and recognize them. Provide inexpensive snacks, and create fun activities. Provide snacks virtually through the mail. Or, supply individually wrapped ones in-person while they volunteer. Host the virtual celebration and activities through platforms like Zoom. The activities can include volunteer fun facts or mini speeches about each volunteer.