Lois Reiswig’s name is synonymous with community leadership and impact on Maui. One of her greatest acts of service was forming Hui Hoaloha Maui in 2003 to provide networking and education opportunities to Maui women about local nonprofits’ donation, volunteer, and board leadership needs.

Lois personifies a model volunteer – someone with creative ideas, a high-energy, caring positive spirit, lots of passion, and amazing organizational skills. For 11 years, Lois singlehandedly operated the Hui dedicating her time and talent to creating a vibrant social network that started with 12 individuals and today numbers 450 diverse, yet like-minded women.

Lois established monthly education programming scouting both nonprofit site locations where attendees have benefitted from a ‘proximate’ learning experience and at a wide variety of local restaurants providing them a lunch-time revenue stream. She diligently partnered with chefs to select affordable meal choices to promote inclusivity for women of all income levels as well as nonprofits on limited budgets. She set up a geographic meeting rotation schedule to ensure broad access for attendees and nonprofits all around the island, and to raise increased visibility of Maui’s diverse local restaurants among residents.

Lois personally served as the Hui welcoming hostess for 17 years ensuring an inclusive and comfortable environment for all, and as an inspirational emcee facilitating the meeting’s nonprofit ‘talk story’ time (or sharing of nonprofit needs). Lois has been an incredible ‘hero’ as a volunteer founder and long-term visionary leader of the Hui Hoaloha Group for the benefit of Maui’s nonprofit community.