Kristin Holmes is THE catalyst for the ongoing success of Maui Chamber Orchestra. Donating her time and money, Kristin brought her business sense to the table, developing better procedures for several aspects of running a nonprofit business. Her involvement and “talking story” about MCO has resulted in a 3-year grant by The Daniel W. Dietrich II Foundation to assist MCO in building a local donor base. She also brought attention to the lack of music education on Maui, and has developed a program called CHIMES to bring financial assistance to Maui’s music students and classrooms.

Kristin works tirelessly for all the organizations for which she volunteers and MCO is no exception. She has lived on Maui for over 30 years, owns her own business, and is a member of the Wailuku Community Association. It is safe to say the Maui Chamber Orchestra would not be where it is today without the business acumen and enthusiasm Kristin brings.