When it comes to volunteer recruitment, titles matter. Like the title of a paying job position, a meaningful volunteer position title, along with a detailed position description, gives potential volunteers the information they need to understand their role.

Avoid the Word “Volunteer”

As a rule, volunteer titles should be kept clear, professional, and to-the-point. We often see agencies post “volunteer” in their position titles, such as “Volunteer Tutor” or “Volunteer Tour Guide.” However, it is unnecessary – and not recommended – to include the word “volunteer” in a title. “Volunteer” is a pay category, not a work identifier, and it can turn off potential volunteers, many of whom are seeking a boost to their resume. The same can be said of title descriptors like “assistant” or “aide.” Instead, use another descriptor, such as “Advanced Calculus Tutor” or “Botanical Garden Tour Guide.”

Keep it Professional

If you are recruiting volunteers with special or advanced expertise, the roles you offer should reflect what they would seek in the job market, with titles to match. There is nothing wrong with a title like “Manager” or “Director” in a volunteer position, if that is what the position requires.

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Volunteers span many industries and carry out many different roles, so it’s important to write volunteer titles that provide a clear understanding of what is expected. Not only will a clear, professional title prevent confusion, it will also help your position stand out from the crowd.

Creating quality volunteer role titles may seem like a tiny step, but it can make a big difference. Keep it clear, keep it professional, and your volunteer recruitment will very likely increase.