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National Volunteer Week just took place this month, when non-profits all over the country take the time to appreciate their volunteers. In honor of National Volunteer Week, which is such a special time for non-profits and their volunteers, we’ve put together a list of volunteer recognition ideas that you can use throughout the year to say “thank you.”

Volunteer Recognition

Volunteer Recognition and Awards

Volunteers are paid in gratitude. Let them know how much you appreciate their efforts by recognizing one or two volunteers every month, such as a simple “Volunteer of the Month” spotlight in a blog post or newsletter.

Volunteer Appreciation Events

Holding a special event in your volunteers’ honor can really make everyone feel appreciated and accomplished. These events can be as fancy or informal as you like, from formal dinners in a hotel conference room, to a family-friendly potluck at the park. It’s a great way to celebrate the completion of a project, or simply an annual event.

Volunteer Appreciation Gifts

Small tokens of gratitude can make a huge difference to your volunteers. Consider gifting items such as a coupon for a free coffee, a nice lei, or something small that represents your organization or its cause. You can also get creative! Try some of these fun gift ideas:

  • A Starbuck’s Frappuccino with a note saying “Thanks A’Latte”
  • A roll of Lifesavers with a note saying “You’re a Lifesaver”
  • A bag of chips with a note saying “Thanks for Chipping in”

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Volunteer Thank You Cards

In the age of email and social media, a simple handwritten note of thanks can be very meaningful. If your organization works with children or the elderly, you might ask them to write a quick note of thanks to make the gesture extra special. You can also hand out personalized certificates of appreciation.