Non-profit organizations should consider attracting volunteers across all generations in order to have a diverse and skilled group of volunteers. This includes marketing to baby boomers: the generation that’s now in their 50s and 60s.

As findings published in a recent US Bureau of Labor Statistics volunteer report show, baby boomers are passing their “peak” volunteering years between the ages of 30-45. However, this does not mean baby boomer volunteers are going anywhere anytime soon. By understanding this generation, organizations can recruit and retain them more effectively.


What Non-Profits should know about Baby Boomers

Below are a couple things to keep in mind when marketing to baby boomers:

Baby boomers bring years of life experience and skills.

Baby boomers have decades of experience in the workforce. They have climbed the corporate ladder, and many are now considering retiring from high-level positions. This generation offers specialized skills and flexible hours to local causes that they volunteer for.

What agencies can do:

Provide diverse opportunities that allow boomers to utilize their skills. Some boomers find menial work such as litter cleanup and weeding relaxing, but others may find it too boring. These individuals will thrive if they can perform activities such as tutoring, managing events and helping others navigate social services.

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Baby boomers want to remain active.

The majority of baby boomers have no intention of slowing down in their golden years. In fact, they want to take their expanding free time to remain physically and mentally fit.

What agencies can do: Consider organizing volunteer and fundraising opportunities such as charity “fun runs” or walks to raise awareness of your organization and encourage boomers to participate. Reach out to local retirement-age fitness groups to generate interest.


Photo by quinn.anya