Each month, the County of Maui Volunteer Center is spotlighting one of our partner organizations. This month, we are pleased to spotlight Grow Some Good, and share their remarkable success story:

Grow Some Good



Grow Some Good’s success story begins back in 2008. As volunteers with local group South Maui Sustainability, we were asked by a 2nd grade science teacher to help teach her students about growing food the “hands-on” way. We installed 3 beds and helped in training. Other teachers saw the benefits of a school garden, and wanted more. To supplement their limited resources, we began a program to provide supplies, volunteer expertise and manpower, and established their first full school garden.

8 years later, what started as a small project has grown beyond our wildest expectations. We officially separated from South Maui Sustainability in 2012 to better focus on our mission of developing and managing school gardens, and to better respond to mounting requests for assistance from schools throughout Maui. Working with local government and several non-profit organizations, Grow Some Good continues to expand its outreach. Today it serves nearly 3,000 students in 12 Maui schools.

Along with popular vegetables like carrots, kale, broccoli and tomatoes, the school gardens also grow traditional canoe plants including ‘olena (turmeric), ko (sugar cane) and ‘uwala (sweet potato).

Grow Some Good (GSG) is a nonprofit community organization dedicated to creating hands-on, outdoor learning experiences that connect students to their food sources and inspire better nutrition choices. For more information, view Grow Some Good’s HandsOn Maui profile, or visit the Grow Some Good website.