Mark your calendars! 

Good Deeds Day = March 29, 2020

Global Volunteer Month =  April 2020


Today we share a bit of history and lots of resources to help you celebrate Good Deeds Day and Global Volunteer Month. If you’re ready to get involved, be sure to check out the current Maui volunteer needs listed below.

Good Deeds Day 2020

Good Deeds Day is on March 29, and there is no better time to integrate volunteering into your routine! Good Deeds Day is a day of service that unites people from more than 100 countries around the globe. This united front of people perform good deeds that have the added benefit of helping others as well as the planet.

Good Deeds Day and Global Volunteer Month 2020The Origin of Good Deeds Day

Points of Light Global Network member Ruach Tova created Good Deeds Day in 2007.  As a Good Deeds Day partner, Points of Light encourages the global community to participate in this tradition of performing good deeds annually by equipping organizations and mobilizing individuals. Points of Light offers creative, inspiring, and insightful ways for people to engage in their communities. 

Take Action to Change the World

By participating in Good Deeds Day annually hundreds of thousands of people take action to change the world. These people put into practice the simple idea that every single person can do something good. No matter if the deed is large or small, the opportunity is there to come together and take action to improve the communities at large and the lives in them. This can have long lasting effects, and even positively change the world. 

Find inspiration, sign your company up to take part, and spread the word with graphics and other media ideas here.

April is Global Volunteer Month

Keep those good deeds going and continue to volunteer during Global Volunteer Month in April. We can celebrate the whole month of April as we recognize people as well as the organizations who are changing their communities around the world during Global Volunteer Month!  

Good Deeds Day and Global Volunteer Month 2020

Global Volunteer Month was established in 2020 to build a global culture of volunteering and increase the impact of volunteer service in communities around the world. 

Your organization can download logos, social media graphics and more to help you spread the word here.

Global Volunteer Month is a perfect opportunity to highlight the individuals and organizations that are leading the way to take action in their communities and beyond to make a difference.  

Volunteering in Maui 

Some ways to volunteer in our Maui community are listed below. For additional ideas visit our volunteer needs dashboard.

  1. Sign up to be an animal lover at the East Maui Animal Refuge (EMAR), or Boo Boo Zoo! The EMAR is a no kill, all volunteer run, non-profit rehabilitation sanctuary for injured and orphaned animals who would otherwise die. Located in Haiku, it has been doing this work for over 30 years. Volunteers should fill out an online waiver form, and then contact the EMAR for more information. Learn More
  2. Get outside and volunteer at the Haiku Ho’olaulea and Flower Festival on April 25th. By volunteering at the festival you will support the Haiku Community Association in forming a vibrant, sustainable, resilient and respectful human culture living in symbiosis with our natural environment and work a 2-3 hour shift. Learn More
  3. Learn and talk about the history of Maui. The Alexander and Baldwin Sugar Museum is a great place to interact with visitors, including students. Your choice of either Tuesday or Thursday when elementary students visit the museum.  Pass on your knowledge, listen to their stories, and support the Education Program that has been in operation since 1990. Learn More
  4. Another great outdoor volunteer activity is with the Habitat for Humanity. Current builds are happening at the Kahoma Residential Subdivision in Lahaina. Habitat for Humanity builds homes with no interest and no profit for residents between 25%-80% of the median income, and provides strength and stability through shelter. Tools, materials, and guidance are provided so all levels are welcome. Learn More

As you have learned, every little volunteer opportunity and good deed done helps so many organizations fulfill their missions of doing good, spreading good, and providing good for so many.  Be a part of that, especially now that you know that volunteering is so accessible.