If your organization posted an opportunity two months (or years!) ago and hasn’t updated it since, there is a good chance volunteers aren’t finding it on GetConnected. Most users visit the Opportunities page to see a consolidated list of volunteer opportunities posted by our partner agencies. The most recently added or updated needs appear at the top of the search results.

The older an opportunity is, the further down the list it appears. Even if your opportunity hasn’t changed, it is a good idea to refresh it every few months. Simply log in and click Submit changes on each of your organization’s opportunities. This is also a great way to review what you have posted on GetConnected.

If the response you’ve received from one of your opportunities is less than expected, you may wonder why no one is interested. Try switching out the title for something more engaging that appeals to a larger group of people. Double-check that all the appropriate interests are included.

The more you update your opportunities,
the more likely it is that volunteers will respond!