With everyone dealing with the pandemic in their own way, it is hard to keep volunteers engaged. Keeping the volunteers you already have is more crucial now than ever. Here are some tips to keep your volunteers engaged during and after COVID-19.

1. Remind your volunteers of the benefits of volunteering

Volunteering has a tremendous amount of benefits. Reducing stress, advancing in careers, and living a longer life are only a few. Make sure you remind them of these benefits. Send out an email or newsletter with the benefits included, to grab their attention.

2. Show extra appreciation

COVID-19 has caused higher levels of depression and anxiety. Volunteers can be feeling the impacts of this and be less engaged. Show extra appreciation through social media or send letters in the mail. Volunteers will feel special and motivated to get back into volunteering.

3. Ask for feedback about how volunteers are doing

Try calling volunteers to check-in and see how they are doing during the pandemic. This will show volunteers that you’re interested and care about them outside of volunteering. They can give their honest opinions, and you can offer support in return. This will also create a deeper connection with you and your volunteers. If you are wanting to offer broader support for your volunteers, create a survey of questions for them to fill out. Either way, your volunteers will be happy to lean on you for support.

4. Recruit volunteers for specific opportunities

Keep track of your volunteers’ skills. If you think one of them is a great fit for one of your opportunities, tell them. They will want to be a part of something they know they can succeed in. This will get their attention right away and improve their engagement in your agency. They will also feel important knowing that you remembered their skills.